Driver Development - Test Suites (Archive)

Graphics test suites

This package includes test suites used for NFB network adapter cards. This version of the xtests package can be installed and run on any system running UnixWare 7 or UnixWare 7.0.1 to test any NFB driver for those platforms.

This package has the following dependencies:

Base System

Advanced Commands

X11R6 Base X runtime

Full instructions for setting up and running the tests are available at "Developing NFB graphics adapter drivers" and README files within the test suite directories.

The following is the top-level xlinkkit README (~/test/xsuite/README):


$XConsortium: README /main/6 1996/02/07 17:46:30 matt $

This file describes the software in X11 Release 6.1 of
Xlib and X Protocol Test Suite from the X Consortium.

The main directories to be aware of initially are:

xtest/doc - This contains the documentation. It contains a user guide, programmers guide and release notes. These are supplied in troff(1) format requiring the mm macro package, and also in PostScript format. You should look at the release notes and the user guide before attempting to install and build the test suite.

xtest - This contains the tests included in the X Test Suite which are stored as a complete TET test suite. This includes all necessary configuration files and scenario files to enable you to use the X test suite following the instructions in the documentation.

tet - This contains the source files and include files needed to build the Test Environment Toolkit (TET).

Please note that this test suite tests functionality up through X11R4, and has not been generally upgraded to test new functionality added since then. As of X11R6.1, this test suite is considered unsupported software by X Consortium Inc, and no further development is planned.

For those who require a more up-to-date test suite with available support, X/Open Company Ltd. offers VSW5, a successor to the X Consortium Test Suite. VSW5 includes many bug fixes and a large number of new tests for Xt and for new R5 functionality. R6 tests are planned for the future. Refer to for more information.