Network adapter test suites (Archive)

Network adapter test suites

This package includes test suites used for MDI network adapter cards. The tests are:
verify the integrity of the MDI driver and associated hardware. spm(1Mcert)
analyze the performance of an MDI network adapter driver.

This version of the ndtest package can be installed and run on any system running UnixWare 7 to test any MDI version 2 driver.

This package has the following dependencies:

Base System

Advanced Commands

Full instructions for setting up and running the tests are contained in the HDK documentation and README files within the test suite directories.

In addition to passing the ndcert test suites, all MDI drivers should be manually checked to ensure conformance to the guidelines given in ``Guidelines for all kernel drivers'' and ``MDI style guidelines''.

Changes from the previous version

Version 7.0.0a of the ndcert test suites has been improved for verification of DDI-8 based MDI drivers. Also, the ncard unit test now autodetects all configured drivers for testing.

Notes about the test suites

Note the following:

  • These tests should only be installed and run on Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium Pro, and compatible processors.

    • The nd tests can be run on 80486 processors but do not do a good job of exercising the driver and checking the multiprocessing code, especially race conditions.

    • You cannot run spm on a 80486 processor. If you try, an error message is written to the console, and errors will occur with all networking operations. To correct the problem, edit the /etc/ap/spam.ap file, comment out all lines, and reboot the system.

    • This version of spm tests MDI drivers that use any DDI 7 version but cannot be used with DDI 8 drivers.

  • When configuring the nd-dlpi, nd-nfs, nd-spx, and nd-tcp certification tests, do not use fully-qualified hostnames in the NODE[0-9] and REMOTE_MACHINE fields. Instead, use the machine name and be sure that no blank spaces are inserted at the end of the name. For example, if you are configuring nd-nfs.cfg and the fully-qualified hostname of the machine to which you are running the nfs test is ``foobar.meta.COM'', the ~ndcert/nd-nfs.cfg file should contain ``REMOTE_MACHINE=foobar''.