Xinuos Professional Services

Web Server Start-Up

If your business is ready to deploy a new web server system, or want to replace your existing web server, let Xinuos engineers help you pilot and evaluate an effective strategy using a professionally-controlled and managed approach.

Xinuos Professional Services has over 25 years of experience in planning and implementing deployment strategies for companies with 1 to 10,000 systems around the world. Xinuos has inside knowledge of "the tricks of the trade" that can help ensure the success of your UNIX integration and deployment.

Xinuos's Professional Services Team of experts work closely with your MIS department to plan and implement a custom tailored deployment strategy that can save your organization time and money. Leaders of very large retail, government, finance and franchise business have for years employed Xinuos Professional Services to assist them in developing their deployment strategies. Xinuos's long-term relationship with large and small businesses around the world provides us with the background necessary to help you plan your deployment strategy for the future.


Phase I. Existing systems audit and evaluation

  • Definition of a suitable pilot implementation for a trial of a web server
  • Evaluation of the requirements for the existing and proposed systems, noting requirements for SSL, ASP, CGI and other server-side functions as may be required
  • Proposal for a web server solution to match the requirements

Phase II. Implementation

  • All existing data safely backed up
  • Publishing file structure of the web system migrated to the replacement web server
  • Server-side execution modules added to meet customer requirements
  • Security and ownership of files/documents implemented
  • Network configuration complete
  • Full backup performed (where required equipment is available)
  • The system is commissioned

Phase III. Evaluation

  • Site visit and progress meeting with a Xinuos engineer:
    • Review of issues raised and any problems experience
    • Feedback and solutions as required
  • Final project success meeting:
    • Results of the trial evaluated
    • Next stages of the project planned

Xinuos Expertise

Xinuos is a global leader in business system software for network computing. Xinuos Professional Services provide unsurpassed technical expertise ensuring that you always get the right answers to your questions and the right solutions for your needs.

Open Systems Philosophy

Xinuos is dedicated to the open systems philosophy. We strongly recommend solutions that permit future growth, technical innovation, compatibility with systems from multiple vendors. We do not sell proprietary systems or any hardware. Our only interest is in providing you with the most cost-effective solution possible.