OpenServer 6.0.0 > Maintenance Pack 3 (osr600mp3) (obsolete)

Note: This release is now obsolete. Please click Here for the updated package.

Date Posted: 02-NOV-2007

Description: The SCO OpenServer(TM) Release 6.0.0 Maintenance Pack 3 contains important features and fixes for your SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 system and should be applied at your next maintenance period. See the Release Notes for complete details.

Filename Description File Size Checksum (sum -r) Download
osr600mp3.pdfRelease Notes - PDF Format59795651942 1168FTP | HTTP
osr600mp3_cd1.tarCD1 VOL Archive - Tar Format40046182427515 782152FTP | HTTP
osr600mp3.htmlRelease Notes - HTML Format25515058676 499FTP | HTTP
osr600mp3.txtRelease Notes - Text Format23371203526 457FTP | HTTP
osr600mp3_cd1.isoCD1 ISO Image41589964810570 812304FTP | HTTP
osr600mp3_cd2.tarCD2 VOL Archive - Tar Format32125030447172 627442FTP | HTTP
osr600mp3_cd2.isoCD2 ISO Image32732160044446 639300FTP | HTTP


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