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Listed below are SCO Update Packages, Maintenance Packs, Patches, Security Supplements and Device Drivers for OpenServer 6.0.0.

Patches, supplements, Maintenance Packs, security supplements and device drivers for older product versions are available from Support's Download Area.

Indicates Supplement has been recently added.
Requires SCO Update License to install.
Requires other Supplements before installing.
Must be installed to correct security or major system issue.
Should be installed prior to contacting SCO.

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Maintenance Pack
osr600mp4Maintenance PackMaintenance Pack 4 (osr600mp4)CriticalNone10-FEB-2009
oss711ePatchesOSS711e, the OpenServer 6 Maintenance Pack 4 SupplementCriticalX16-DEC-2013
oss714aPatchesOSS714a, the OpenServer 6 Maintenance Pack 4 UDI/USB SupplementN/aX30-MAR-2010
Security Patches
extshells_1.5.0CdSecurity PatchesGNU bash 'shellshock' Secutity Supplement for 6.0.0CriticalNone17-OCT-2014
openssl.0.9.8zaDdSecurity PatchesOpenSSL 0.9.8zaDd (600)CriticalX10-JUN-2014
p535239b_osr6Security Patchessco_pmd security fix (osr6)CriticalX28-FEB-2012
p535243c_osr6Security PatchesBIND 9.4-ESV Update (osr600)CriticalX02-FEB-2012
Device Driver
nd.806nDevice DriverNetwork Drivers (nd) Package Version 8.0.6n (OSR600)RecommendedX20-OCT-2014
mpt2.20140618Device DriverHost Bus Adapter (HBA) Driver Supplement - mpt2 Driver Version 2014.06.18 (osr600)N/aNone05-AUG-2014
megasas.20131105Device DriverHost Bus Adapter (HBA) Driver Supplement - megasas Driver version 2013.11.05 (osr600)N/aX16-DEC-2013
mp4driversDevice DriverMaintenance Pack 4 Device Drivers (osr600)RecommendedNone10-FEB-2009
hpsas600Device DriverHP SAS Driver (osr600)N/aNone30-JAN-2007
dialogic.5.1aDevice DriverIntel Dialogic System Release 5.1 Feature Pack 2 (osr600)N/aX15-JAN-2007
Additional Packages and Other Supplements
XorgServer.7.2.0DdAdditional Packages and Other SupplementsXORGServer 7.2.0Dd, the X Window System Version 11 Release 7.2.0 (ver 7.2.0Dd) (osr600)CriticalX16-OCT-2013
thunderbird. Packages and Other SupplementsMozilla® ThunderbirdTM version (osr600)CriticalX03-JUN-2010
firefox. Packages and Other SupplementsMozilla® Firefox® version (osr600)CriticalX14-JUL-2009
gnuutils.mp4Additional Packages and Other SupplementsGNU Utilities 6.0.0Da (osr600)N/aX04-MAR-2009
rls.6.0.0mp4Additional Packages and Other SupplementsRussian Language Support (osr600)N/aX10-FEB-2009
odm.3.2Additional Packages and Other SupplementsVERITAS Online Disk Manager (ODM) Release 3.2 (osr600)N/aX02-NOV-2007
mergepro.6.0fAdditional Packages and Other SupplementsMergePRO Desktop Edition 6.0f (osr600)N/aX26-FEB-2007
scoofficeserver.4.2.0Additional Packages and Other SupplementsSCOOffice Server Release 4.2.0 (osr600)N/aX13-FEB-2007
ISO Image
OpenServer-6.0.0-Mar2006ISO ImageOpenServer 6.0.0 March 2006 CD1 RecutN/aNone10-MAY-2006

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