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Table of Contents
1. Audience Description
2. Caldera Worldwide Support Services
2.1. Support Services
2.2. Self-Help Services

Caldera Volution™ Manager (hereafter referred to as Volution Manager) is a secure, web-based, systems management solution that reduces the cost of managing and maintaining established versions of Linux® and Caldera® UNIX®. Volution Manager does so by enabling secure, remote management of multiple systems through a browser. It enables administrators to collectively or individually manage their systems--either locally or remotely, through directory-based actions known as policies. Volution Manager provides the capabilities administrators need to effectively manage their systems by providing key features like asset management, software distribution, health monitoring, Linux printer configuration, and a scripting distribution engine.

The documentation available for Volution Manager includes this Volution Manager Installation Guide, the Volution Manager Administration Guide, and online help.

This guide includes the following:

Online help for the installation is available on every installation screen.

There is also online help for administration tasks. Click on the Help tab for information specific to that screen. At the bottom of each help screen is a Related Information section that contains links to the online version of the Volution Manager Administration Guide. You can also access an index within Help where you can select associated help topics.

1. Audience Description

The primary audience for the Volution Manager Installation Guide is system administrators. While a Linux system administrator can navigate this documentation much easier, links to the appropriate instructions are also available for those unfamiliar with Linux.

The system administrator must have rights to administer the LDAP directory in use and the privileges associated with installing and operating this product. A familiarity with LDAP v3 directory nomenclature is useful.

2. Caldera Worldwide Support Services

Caldera offers a broad portfolio of technical support services tailored to the needs of partners, corporate accounts, and end users. Support centers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific are staffed by Caldera's highly skilled support engineers with local language support.

2.1. Support Services

Business Services - high level support offerings targeted to OEMs and corporate accounts. Features ranging from dedicated technical account managers to global 24x7 continuous support.

Partner Services - designed to provide Caldera partners with the support features they need to successfully sublicense and support Caldera products. Services range from unlimited incidents on all products to various incident packs.

End User Services - designed for small to medium businesses to provide traditional end-user support, with services ranging from unlimited to incident packs, per product, or all inclusive.

Developer Services - designed to provide technical assistance to IHVs and ISVs and other members of the developer community while porting, migrating, or developing applications.

For information on Caldera Worldwide Support Services or to purchase services, view or contact:

In the United States and Canada call 1-800-726-8649.In Latin American countries, access for your local Caldera Sales Office.In Europe, Middle East, India, Africa, and Pacific Rim, call +44(0)1923-813 600.

2.2. Self-Help Services

Available to our customers anytime, anywhere is our 24x7 Self-Help support web site located at:

Within Self-Help we offer installation support solutions through an easy-to-use single web view. Key resources available are:

  • Access to Caldera's Linux and UNIX Knowledge Center

  • FAQs - Customer identified Top Solutions

  • Certified Hardware Listing for Caldera Products

  • Caldera Software Download Areas

  • Product Registration Information

  • Product Bug Reporting

  • Various Linux and UNIX News groups and Mail List Discussions