Advanced File and Print Server Installation and Release Notes

New features

SCO Advanced File and Print Server 4.0 brings the networking technology from Windows NT 4.0 Server to SCO UnixWare. It is fully compatible with NT, and interoperates with all Microsoft Windows systems.

Highlights of the significant new features in Release 4.0.1 are described in the following sections:

WINS support

Windows Internet Name Services (WINS) provides a Windows NT compatible database for managing NetBIOS name-to-IP address mappings in a routed network environment, extending Advanced Server support from the LAN to WAN and dial-up network environments.

A new Windows administration tool, WINS Manager, is provided in the default ASTOOLS share. See the SCO Advanced Server Administration Guide, Chapter 5, Implementing WINS, for more information.

NOTE: WINS requires a WINS-enabled NetBIOS such as SCO NetBIOS for TCP/IP and cannot be used over other protocols such as NetBEUI.

Registry support

Most Advanced Server configuration information has been moved from the lanman.ini file and is now stored in a database called the Registry. New Windows-based tools for modifying the Registry are now included in the ASTOOLS share.

See the SCO Advanced Server Administration Guide, Appendix A, Advanced Server Registry.

Performance and scalability

Performance improvements have been made in the areas of printing, access checking, and administration.

Updated print subsystem

The Advanced Server print subsystem has been enhanced to provide full NT 4.0 compatibility. New features include:

Extended administrative command set

The Advanced Server command line interface has been extended with these new commands: For more information on administrative commands, see the SCO Advanced Server Administration Guide, Chapter 4, Administering Advanced Server at the Command Prompt.
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