Java Technologies on SCO systems

SCO Edition of Sun's Java Studio

The SCO Edition of Sun Microsystems Inc.'s JavaTM StudioTM is a dynamic authoring tool to create Java applets and applications--without ever writing a single line of code. Its thoroughly intuitive interface enables even programming novcies to quickly learn the concepts and techniques behind creating Java applications. End users can customize their own applications, and corporate developers can easily assemble software components purchased from independent software vendors.

The SCO Edition of Sun's Java Studio comes with a large collection of more than 70 Java beans from different component vendors. These include:

  • database access beans, using our server side database access implementation
  • charts and graphing support for business applications
  • multimedia components such as images, sound, and animation
  • networking applications such as email, image maps, and web access

To enhance the functionality of the SCO Edition of Sun's Java Studio, other 100% pure Java components can easily be imported from third-party vendors or developed by system designers with any Java bean compliant development environment, such as the SCO Edition of Sun Microsystems Inc.'s JavaTM WorkShopTM.

A 30-day evaluation version of the SCO Edition of Sun's Java Studio is included with recent operating system Media Kits. A full, licensed version can be purchased separately from your SCO Reseller. Or, license the UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit, which includes the Java Development tools.

Software requirements: SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 or later,
SCO UnixWare 2.1 or later, or UnixWare 7;
must have a JDK installed
More information: Java Studio page from Sun Microsystems, Inc.