Learn about SCO OpenServer 5.0.7v - Xinuos UNIX Virtualization
AUGUST 5-7, 2007 The Mirage, Las Vegas

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ASK Technologies, Inc. is a national provider of IT hardware, software and professional services. ASK provides our clients the ability to transform current technology into productivity. Whether utilizing technology to bridge the gap between employees, business workflow and computers, or using technology to supply secure access to data regardless of connection, location and time, ASK offers the products and services required to survive in a very competitive world.
Alpha Microsystems, Inc. TrueGUI lets you leverage your existing code, in the language of your choice, on the operating system of your choice, to drive modern Windows screens. Those screens are created using the Visual C#R Forms Editor, an easy-to-learn WYSIWYG screen design tool. You don't need to know anything about C# or Windows. The Forms Editor can be learned in one day. The only thing needed on the Host side is a TCP/IP server such as Telnet.
AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator makes your text based application look like a Windows application. It gives you 3-D box attributes, color support and adds a graphical touch to your character based applications. AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator also adds multimedia support to your text applications and can interface with other Windows applications providing seamless integration. All this helps extend the life of your UNIX solutions.

HP and SCO have been partners in leading edge technology since the mid-1980s, when most PCs were single-task, single-user systems and the term "PC server" was unknown.

The HP/SCO partnership harnessed the latent power of microcomputers with SCO UNIX to bring mainframe and minicomputer capabilities like multi-user and multi-tasking to the desktop.

HP is pleased to work with SCO to provide the support, selection and certification of industry standard servers running both OpenServer and UnixWare operating systems that customers demand most.

HP and SCO partnership

HP and SCO on www.hp.com.

Intel Corporation. Intel® server and workstation components deliver new levels of performance. They also bring dependability, compatibility, scalability, and advanced architecture to your multi-processing environment.

iXorg, Inc. is an international group of independent consultants and system integrators leveraging the "rock solid" stability and dependability of SCOR UNIX™ and related technologies running on relatively inexpensive, but highly dependable Intel™ based servers.

iXorg member companies consult, design, and support complex networks with the latest in hardware and software solutions, usually centered around SCO products.

The primary purpose of iXorg is to expand upon SCO's excellent "UNIX on Intel" Operating Systems (Xenix, OpenServer, & UnixWare) through education and promotion of UNIX and open systems products. Therefore, iXorg is committed to expanding its members' product knowledge of SCO UNIX products and promoting a high level of related technical expertise.

The Me Inc. Mobility Platform lets you securely extend existing enterprise applications and data to smart phones and other mobile devices. It also lets you rapidly develop and deploy entirely new high performance mobile solutions.

Our growing family of Me Inc. Solutions (all developed using the Me Inc. Platform) currently includes Shout, Shout Postcard and HipCheck.

Me Inc. users around the world are accomplishing things with their mobile phones that others simply cannot. Check out the links below to see what Me Inc. makes possible.

Microlite BackupEDGE provides secure backup, restore and disaster recovery software for SCO OpenServer 5, OpenServer 6 and UnixWare 7 systems.

Rasmussen Software, Inc. specializes in versatile and reliable software products that provide printing solutions and terminal emulation (SSH) connections for communications between your Windows PCs (Vista compatible) and UNIX host systems.

Print Wizard: Versatile and robust print software designed for of all sorts of printing challenges and need.

Anzio Lite and AnzioWin: Reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use terminal emulation tools with support for connections over telnet, Secure Shell, direct serial, or modems.

Team 1 Systems, Inc., SCO’s newest distributor, was founded in 1997 with the idea that ‘white box’ systems don’t have to be low end, poorly supported computers. Rather, a custom builder should bring value to their clients by providing a quality product at a fair price that is backed by unmatched support.

Our business has always been targeted towards SCO solution providers that require compute power as part of their product or solution offering to their customers but may not have the time, budget, or technical expertise to fully support computer hardware. We essentially become the “hardware division” of many software organizations. We give our clients the freedom to focus their efforts on their core business.

Team 1 Systems understands the issues that face solution providers today. With shrinking margins and rising competition, you simply can’t afford surprises. After our initial consultations and once your specification have been set, every system built thereafter will have exactly the same internal components. The benefits to this approach are simplified maintenance, predictability, and economies of scale. Additionally, our on-site support is performed by our own technicians, not ‘third parties’.