Getting Started Guide
UnixWare 7.1.4

Table of Contents

About this book

How this book is organized

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1: CD Contents, Licensing, Installation Profiles, and Support

CD-ROM Contents

Licensing Software

SCO Update Service Enabling Licenses


Installation Profiles

Obtaining additional media

SCO Global Services

2: Before You Begin

Verifying supported hardware

System Requirements

Installing and configuring hardware devices

Bootable CD-ROM Support

Creating installation diskettes

Setting up a Network Install Server

Installation checklists

3: Installing UnixWare

Responding to prompts

The installation procedure

Performing an upgrade installation

4: After you install

Installing Additional Software

Configuring additional hardware

Configuring and administering the system

Specifying a desktop to use

Configuring and using DocView

Getting updated information about your system

Verifying the installation of packages

Large physical memory support

Switching auditing on

5: Using the License Manager

Starting The License Manager

Licensing products

Registering products

Troubleshooting license and registration problems

A: Installing Hardware


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