BTLD - wd Driver

Date Posted: 17-OCT-03

Brief Description: The updated wd driver provides a number of bug fixes, including:

  • All compliant PCI IDE controllers now recognized.
  • UDMA mode 6 (UDMA 133) now supported.
  • Divvy now correctly recommends a valid number of filesystems for disks greater than 14GB.
  • Improved ATAPI device recognition.
  • ATAPI CD and DVD writer devices now supported.
  • More readable and useful debug output. To turn on debug output, use the wd.debug=[option] bootstring, where [option] can be any of the following:
    • i for IDE controller identification
    • u for Ultra DMA configuration
    • g for disk geometry calculations
  • Better disk geometry configuration.
  • IDE hard disks larger than 137GB now recognized as having 137GB of space. Previously these drives were seen as smaller, possibly as small as 2GB.
  • When kernel debugger is enabled, driver no longer enters the debugger on certain unusual conditions.
  • Driver no longer panics when attempting to access a non-existent ATAPI device.


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Filesize Sum -r Note:










For use at ISL only. The wd Driver Supplement must be installed after installing this driver in order to be fully functional.

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wd_driver_supplement directory

To update the wd driver after ISL.

Dependencies: See Note section in tables above.

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