OpenServer 5.0.7 > Java 2, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4.2_14d (osr507) (obsolete)

Note: This release is now obsolete. Please click Here for the updated package.

Date Posted: 20-JUN-2007

Description: Updated version of Java 2, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4.2. Please see Release Notes for more details.

Filename Description File Size Checksum (sum -r) Download
ReleaseNotes.htmlJava 2 Release 1.4.2_14d Release Notes10307310542 202FTP | HTTP
GettingStarted.htmlJava 2 Release 1.4.2_14d Getting Started Guide1933854634 38FTP | HTTP
OSR5_Java2_JRE_142.VOLS.tarJava 2 Release 1.4.2_14d Runtime2455296001325 47955FTP | HTTP
OSR5_Java2_PLUGIN_142.VOLS.tarJava 2 Release 1.4.2_14d Mozilla Plugin210892839931 4119FTP | HTTP
license.txtJava 2 Release 1.4.2_14d License1371027992 27FTP | HTTP
OSR5_Java2_SDK_142.VOLS.tarJava 2 Release 1.4.2_14d SDK1706137639512 33323FTP | HTTP


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