Advanced File and Print Server Installation and Release Notes

Licensing the server

Purchasers of the SCO Advanced File and Print Server product receive a Certificate of License and Authenticity (COLA) with printed licensing details that can be used to run the server with a 5-user base license.

Additional licenses are available in increments of 10-user, 25-user, and unlimited-user. You must install a 5-user base license before installing these additional licenses.

During installation of Advanced Server, you were provided with the opportunity to enter your Advanced Server license details or defer licensing until later. If you chose to defer licensing, or you need to add licenses for additional client connections, you can enter your license details using the UnixWare License Manager. Please have your Certificate of License and Authenticity (COLA) ready as you will be prompted to enter the information provided on the card.

  1. Log in as root on the UNIX server.

  2. Start the License Manager from the UNIX command line by entering:
       scoadmin license manager 

  3. Select License RIGHT ARROW Add.

  4. Enter the license details.

  5. Click on License.

You must stop and restart Advanced Server for any licensing changes to take effect.

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