Advanced File and Print Server Installation and Release Notes

Product components


The SCO Advanced File and Print Server product consists of the following pkgadd installable software components:

afps set
the package set that enables the Advanced Server packages asuserver, asutools, msclients, asudoc and asuman to be installed in a single operation

the core Advanced Server services, including WINS

graphical utilities for administering Advanced Server from client workstations

client software for DOS, OS/2, Windows, and Windows for Workgroups

online documentation including SCO Advanced Server Quick Start Guide, SCO Advanced Server Administration Guide, SCO Advanced Server Concepts and Planning Guide and SCO Advanced Server API Reference

UNIX reference man pages for Advanced Server administrative commands

debug versions of some asuserver binaries

NOTE: Running Advanced Server in a debug mode can seriously affect the performance of the server. It is advised that you do not install this package unless instructed by SCO Technical Support. The asudebug package is located in the /<mount_directory>/info/afps directory on the Advanced Server CD-ROM.


Online documentation

Online books included with SCO Advanced File and Print Server:

Installation and Release Notes
installation instructions and release specific information

Quick Start Guide
basic configuration information to help you get started

Administration Guide
detailed information on administering Advanced Server

Concepts and Planning Guide
comprehensive coverage of Advanced Server concepts

API Reference
reference guide for programmers using the Advanced Server API

Manual pages
reference pages readable with the UNIX man command

net help
reference pages readable with net help command

Printed documentation

No printed documentation is provided.

NOTE: If you wish to have printed copies of the Administration Guide, Concepts and Planning Guide, API Reference and the guides for the Microsoft client software, these books are available in PostScript® (.ps) and Adobe® PDF (.pdf) format in the /<mount_directory>/info/afps directory on the Advanced Server CD-ROM. PostScript files can be printed by submitting each file directly to a PostScript printer. The Adobe PDF files can be viewed and printed using the Adobe Acrobat® Reader which can be downloaded from


Purchasers of the SCO Advanced File and Print Server product receive a Certificate of License and Authenticity (COLA) with printed license details that allow the server to run with a 5-user base license.

Additional licenses are available in increments of 10-user, 25-user, and unlimited-user. You must install a 5-user base license before installing these additional licenses.

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