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First, to Andrew Wilcox for his 1995 Vend, which inspired MiniVend. There are still a few vestiges of his code in MiniVend, and it would not have happened without it and him. Thanks, Andrew.

My wife Jean has shown immense patience with me, especially when I go into my cave to do a new release. 8-)

There have been many who contributed to Minivend's development, especially with testing and feature content. They include:

    Andreas Koenig     
    Birgitt Funk       
    Bob Jordan         
    Brian Bullen       
    Bruce Albrecht     
    Don Grodecki       
    Frank Bonita       
    Gunnar Hellekson   
    Heinz Wittenbecher
    Jochen Wiedmann
    Larry Leszczynski
    Marc Austin
    Michael McCune
    Mike Frager
    Raj Goel
    Stefan Hornburg   
    Tim Baverstock
    William Dan Terry
    many others

and, of course, the entire Perl team without whom MiniVend could not exist.

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