In order to install individual Skunkware components, issue the command (as root on UnixWare 7):

   # pkgadd -d /dev/cdrom/cdrom1 COMPONENT_NAME
where COMPONENT_NAME is one of the component names given below and /dev/cdrom/cdrom1 is the device node name of your CD-ROM drive (this may vary from system to system).

UnixWare 7 Components
Name Description Version
AcmeAcme Laboratories Java Classes and ApplicationsVersion 1.1
AmayaAmaya - a complete web browsing and authoring environment4.0
ApacheJMeApache JMeter - URL performance meterVersion 1.0
CountCount - CGI access counterVersion 2.5
EtermEterm - an Enlightened terminal emulator0.8.10
ImageMagiImageMagick - interactive manipulation of images5.1.0
KBackupKBackup - a user friendly yet powerful backup program1.2.11
MHonArcMHonArc - Mail to HTML converterVersion 2.4.3
MToolsFMMToolsFM - graphical user interface to the mtools package1.6
QwSpriteFQwSpriteField library1.1.2
SDLSDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer1.1.6
STkSTk - R4RS Scheme interpreter with TK graphical support4.0.1
SoundStudSound Studio - record, playback and edit sound filesVersion 1.0.1
StreamsSample Streams Driver SourceVersion 1.0
T1t1lib: A Type 1 Rasterizer Library for UNIX/X111.0.1
TedTed - an easy rich text processor for X Windows2.9
TixTix - an extension to the Tk toolkitVersion 4.1.0
WindowMakWindowMaker - X11 Window Manager with GNUstep featuresVersion 0.61.1
XmHTMLXmHTML Widget SetVersion 1.1.5
XmixerXmixer - Visual Tcl Audio MixerVersion 1.1
XswallowXswallow - general purpose netscape navigator plug-inVersion 1.0.10
a2psa2ps - an any-to-postscript filter (and much more)Version 4.10.4
aalibaalib - ascii art libraryVersion 1.2
addressboAddressbook - very nice graphical rolodexVersion 0.6.2
adzapperAd Zapper - Ad blocking with SquidVersion 1.0
afioafio - manipulate archives and files2.4.6
antiwordAntiWord - an application to display Microsoft Word files0.30
apacheApache Web Server1.3.19
apwebtopWebtop Config for Apache Web Server1.3.19
asp2phpASP2PHP - Converts Active Server Pages to PHP3 scripts0.75.9
astrologAstrolog - X11 astrological chartsVersion 5.3
audiofileAudiofile - an implementation of the SGI Audio File Library0.1.7
bashBash - GNU Bourne Again SHellVersion 2.03
bbbb - aalib demoVersion 1.2
blt24gblt - a library of extensions to the Tk libraryVersion 2.4g
bubu - backup files as foo.c.00 etcVersion 1.0
bviBvi - a display-oriented editor for binary filesVersion 1.2.0
bzip2Bzip2 - block-sorting file compressor/uncompressorVersion 0.9.5d
calcal - updated UNIX cal programVersion 3.5c
calccalc - arbitrary precision C-like programmable calculator Version 2.9.3t8
catdoccatdoc - display Microsoft Word document as ascii textVersion 0.90
cbrowsercbrowser - Tcl/Tk front-end for cscope or cs0.6
cdrtoolsCdrtools - record audio/data Compact Discs from a master1.10
cgihtmlcgihtml - C routines for parsing CGI input and outputting HTML1.69
code2htmlcode2html - Converts a program source code to HTML0.8.12
cpioGNU CpioVersion 2.4.2
cscs - lightweight and free alternative to cscope0.5
cvscvs - Concurrent Versions SystemVersion 1.10.7
dddddd - graphical front-end for GDB and other command-line debuggers3.2.1
dejagnuDejagnu - GNU test frameworkVersion 971222
dotfileDotfile configuration tool for Bash, Elm, Emacs, Fvwm, Tcsh and Procmail2.4.1
ecuEcu - Communications programVersion 4.13
efaxefax - send and receive faxesVersion 0.9
elmElm - an interactive mail system2.5.2
elvisElvis - a clone of the ex/vi text editorVersion 2.1
emueEMU - enterprise Event Management Utility2.34b
enhydraEnhydra Java Application Server and XML Compiler3.0.1
enscriptEnscript text to postscript converterVersion 1.5.0
eperlePerl - Embedded Perl 5 LanguageVersion 2.2.14
esoundEsounD - the Enlightened Sound Daemon0.2.8
everybuddEverybuddy - Universal Instant Messaging client0.0.6
expect531Expect - programmed dialogue with interactive programsVersion 5.31
ext2fsExt2 File System for Open Unix 8a
fetchmailfetchmail - remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility5.2.7
filefile - open source version of the file(1) command3.33
fileutilsGNU File UtilitiesVersion 3.16
findutilsFindutils - GNU find utilitiesVersion 4.1
fltkFast Light Tool Kit - a C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX and Microsoft Windows1.0.9
fnlibFnlib - Color Font rendering library for X11R6Version 0.3
freeWAISfreeWAIS-sf - Wide Area Information Server indexingVersion sf-2.2.10
freefontsFree X11 FontsVersion 2.0
fwebfweb - WEB processors for C, C++, Fortran, Ratfor, and TeXVersion 1.62
fwfFree Widget Foundation Widget SetVersion 4.6
gcomprisGCompris - a simple educational game for children0.3.3
gdbmGDBM - The GNU database manager1.8.0
getlinegetline-39 for UnixWare 739
gettextgettext - a complete toolset for message translation0.10.35
giftransgiftrans - transform GIF87 to GIF89 with transparencyVersion 1.12.2
gimpGimp - The GNU Image Manipulation ProgramVersion 1.0.4
glibsglibs - graphics libraries and headersVersion 2.0.3
glimpseGlimpse - indexing and query system4.12.6
glttgltt - read and draw TrueType fonts in any OpenGL application2.5
gnomelibsgnomelibs - GNOME support libraries and headers1.0.55
gnupgThe GNU Privacy Guard, a tool for secure communication and data storage1.0.6
gnuplotGnuplot - The GNU Interactive Plotting ProgramVersion 3.7
gphotogphoto - GNU PhotoVersion 0.1.2DR
graphvisGraphvis - Graph Drawing Programs from AT&T and Lucent Bell Labs1.5
grepmailgrepmail - search a mailbox for a regular expressionVersion 3.8
groffGroff - GNU nroff,troff and related tools1.15
gsgs - GNU Ghostscript, a PostScript and PDF interpreter6.51
gtkGLgtkGL - OpenGL in GTK libraryVersion 0.8.9
gtkglareagtkglarea - an OpenGL widget for GTK+Version 1.2.1
guileGuile - a portable, embeddable Scheme implementationVersion 19980818
gutilsgutils - graphics utilitiesVersion 2.0
gvgv - a PostScript and PDF previewerVersion 3.5.8
gxeditGXedit - graphical text editorVersion 1.23
gzipgzip - GNU file compression utilitiesVersion 1.2.4
htdight://Dig world wide web indexing and searching system3.1.3
httpanalyHTTP Log Statistics AnalyzerVersion 2.01
hylafaxHylaFAX telecommunication software4.1beta2
hypermailHypermail - UNIX mailbox to HTML converter2.1.0
icalical - an X11 based calendar programVersion 2.2
idutilsId-utils - identifier database utilitiesVersion 3.2
infozipInfozip - PK-Zip compatible toolsVersion 5.32and2.2
innINN - InterNetNews Programs2.2.2
ircIrc - Internet Relay Chat server and clientVersion 2.9.3
ispellIspell - Interactive spelling checkerVersion 3.1.20
itcl301itcl - object-oriented extensions to TclVersion 3.0.1
jfsJFS - network filesystem protocol for java appletsVersion 0.05
jikesJikes - a fast, simple, source code to byte code Java compilerVersion 0.41
jsNGS JavaScript InterpreterVersion 0.2.4
jsdkJava(tm) Servlet Development KitVersion 2.0
kdeThe K Desktop EnvironmentVersion 1.1.2
kdkKDK - the KDE Development Kit1.1
kfortunekfortune - fortune for KDEVersion 1.3
lessless - the opposite of more (built with the UDK)334
libPropLilibPropList libraryVersion 0.8.3
libtoolGNU Libtool, a generic library support script1.3.5
libxml2libxml2 - XML parser for Gnome2.2.3
licqlicq - an ICQ (I Seek You) clone0.71
lopsterLopster - Open Source Napster client0.9.7.2
lwgateLWGate - mailing list WWW gatewayVersion 1.16
lynxlynx - character based web browserVersion 2.8.2rel1
lyxLyX - an advanced Open Source document processor1.1.5
m4m4 - macro processorVersion 1.4
mailmanMailman - The GNU Mailing List Management SystemVersion 1.0
man2htmlman2html - convert UNIX nroff(1) manual pages to HTML formatVersion 3.0.1
maplaymaplay - MPEG audio playerVersion 1.2
mathrecmathrec - Mathematical Recreations1.1b
mcMidnight Commander Visual ShellVersion 4.5.41
md5md5-v1 for UnixWare 7v1
mgdiffmgdiff - Motif based file difference browserVersion 1.0
mgpmgp - an X11 based presentation toolVersion 1.06a
mkpkgmkpkg - SCO packaging front-endsVersion 1.1
mpackmpack - pack/unpack a file in MIME formatVersion 1.5
mpeg2encoMPEG-2 Video EncoderVersion 1.2
mpegplaympegplay - MPEG video playerVersion 2.3-patched
mpg123mpg123Version 0.59o
mrtgMRTG - Multi Router Traffic Grapher2.9.2
mslaModified System for Linux Applications1.11
mtoolsMtools - Utilities to access DOS disks in Unix3.9.7
muttmutt - small, powerful text-based user mail agentVersion 0.95.3
mysqlMySQL - SQL database server3.22.30
nanaGNU Nana - improved support for assertions and logging in C and C++Version 1.14
ncftpNcFTP - Internet file transfer programVersion 2.4.3
neditNEdit - GUI text editor5.1.1
nslintnslint - perform consistency checks on dns filesVersion 2.0.1a1
ntnt - web downloader for X111.20
ntpNTP - the Network Time Protocol distribution4.0.98h
nvinvi-1.79 for UnixWare 71.79
objcObjc - Portable Object CompilerVersion 2.2.12
opensshOpenSSH - secure shell client/server2.9p1
opensslOpenSSL - Secure Sockets Layer / TLS cryptography toolkit0.9.6
orionOrion Administration UtilitiesVersion 1.2
palmpilotPalmPilot utilities and documentationVersion 1.0
patchpatch - apply a diff file to an originalVersion 2.5
pdqPDQ - straightforward, flexible print subsystem2.1.1
pdvPDV - Payload Delivery Vehicle, a package delivery system1.4
pentePente - game of five in a rowVersion 2.2.2
pinePine - Programs for Internet News and Email4.21
pixmapPixmap - Xpm file editorVersion 2.6p4
povrayPOV-Ray - Persistence of Vision Ray TracerVersion 3.02
prngdPRNGD - Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon0.9.6
procdumpProcess Dumper1.0
procmailprocmail - a powerful mail processing program3.15
proftpdProFTPD - Professional FTP Daemon1.2.0rc2
psutilsPsutils - utilities for manipulating PostScript documentsVersion 1.17
pythonPython - an interpreted interactive object-oriented programming language2.0
qb2cBASIC to C translation with X11 graphics3.40
qt202QT 2.0.2 C++ Graphical User Interface toolkit2.0.2
qtermqterm - query terminalVersion 6.0.3
qtfreeQT C++ Graphical User Interface toolkitVersion 1.44
quantaQuanta - HTML editor for the KDE environment1.0.4
radiuscliRemote Authentication Dial In User Service ClientVersion 0.3.1
rcsrcs - GNU revision control systemVersion 5.7
rpmRPM - the Redhat Package ManagerVersion 2.5.5
rsyncrsync - faster, flexible replacement for rcp2.4.4
rubyRuby - Interpreted object-oriented scripting language1.6.2
rxvtrxvt - a VT102 emulator for the X window systemVersion 2.6.0
sambaSamba - A Windows SMB/CIFS fileserver for UNIX2.2
saneSANE - Scanner Access Now EasyVersion 1.0.1
scottyScotty - Tcl Extensions for Network Management ApplicationsVersion 2.1.10
sentryAbacus Sentry - Port Scan Detector0.61
sgmltoolsSGML-tools translators to other markup languagesVersion 2.0.2
sharutilsharutil - shell archive utilitiesVersion 4.2
shutilssh-utils - GNU Shell UtilitiesVersion 2.0
skunkperlPerl - Practical Extraction and Report LanguageVersion 5.005_03
slrnslrn - An easy to use NNTP based newsreaderVersion
smakesmake - another makefile interpreter1.2a09
sndSnd sound editorVersion 23sep98
socks5SOCKS V5 networking proxy mechanism1.0r10
soxSOX - SOund eXchangeVersion 12.16
squidSquid Caching Proxy Server2.3.STABLE2
stlstl - support for SGI STL 3.11 on SCO platformsVersion 3.11
strobestrobe - Super optimized TCP port surveyor1.03
sudosudo - execute a command as the superuserVersion 1.5.6p5
surfrawSurfraw - command line interface to WWW search engines1.0.3
tankedGet TankedVersion 0.90
tarGNU tarVersion 1.12
tcl820Tcl - Tool Command LanguageVersion 8.2.0
tclX811TclX - Extended command set for TclVersion 8.1.1
tcshEnhanced C shell with name completion and command editingVersion 6.08.00
teTeXteTeX - text formatting and typesettingVersion 0.9
tikTiK - The AOL Instant Messenger ClientVersion 0.51
tintin - a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader1.4.2
tk820Tk - Tcl X11 ToolkitVersion 8.2.0
tkinfotkinfo - program to view GNU Info filesVersion 2.5
todaytoday - display events occurring on todays date in historyVersion 1.0
toptop - updated information about the top cpu processesVersion 3.5beta8
transfigTransfig - transport portable LaTeX figuresVersion 3.2.1
treepstreeps - Graphically display and manipulate process treeVersion 1.0
ttutilsttutils - TrueType font manipulation/conversion utilitiesVersion 1.0
ttysnoopttysnoop - snoop on logins through another tty-device or pseudo-tty0.12c
vimvim - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor5.5
vrwaveVRwave - VRML 2.0 browserVersion 0.9
webalizerWebalizer - a fast web/ftp/squid log file analysis program2.01.02
webminWebmin - web based system administration interface0.78
wgetwget - command-line url retrieverVersion 1.5.3
wnWN serverVersion 2.1.6
wxftpwxftp - GUI ftp client for the X Window SystemVersion 0.4.4
xanimxanim - an X11 animation viewerVersion 2.80.1
xaosXaoS - Fast interactive real-time fractal zoomer/morpherVersion 3.0
xasciixascii - ascii character set table for XVersion Unknown
xautolockxautolock - fire up programs in case of user inactivityVersion pl10
xboingxboing - an X Window System based blockout cloneVersion 2.4
xbuffyxbuffy - keep track of multiple mailboxesVersion 3.3bl2
xcalendarxcalendar - calendar with a notebook for X11Version 4.0
xchatXChat - graphical Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client1.6.2
xchronoxchrono - an XClock for multiple time zones1.0
xcoralMulti-window mouse-based graphical text editorVersion 3.1
xdiaryxdiary - X11 graphical diaryVersion Unknown
xdirxdir - graphical network-oriented file manager2.1.2
xearthPlanet earth root windowVersion 1.0
xemacsXEmacs - extensible, customizable, real-time display editor21.4.3
xfigxfig - X11 figure drawing packageVersion 3.2.2
xfishtankxfishtank - X11 graphical fish tankVersion 2.2
xformsXForms - a GUI toolkit and builder for the X11 Window System0.89
xgalagaXGalaga - X11 sequel to Galaga and its ancestor GalaxianVersion 2.0
xgrabscXGrabsc - X11 screen grabberVersion 2.3
xhtmlXHTML - A Simple HTML EditorVersion 1.3
xinvestXinvest - Personal finance packageVersion 2.5.1
xkoboXkobo action gameVersion 1.11
xlHtmlxlHtml - converts Microsoft Excel Files to HTML0.2.8
xlockmoreXlockmore - X11 Screen Locker4.16.1
xmailboxXmailbox - X11 Mail ReminderVersion 2.5
xmcdXmcd - Audio CD playerVersion 2.2
xmmixxmmix - Audio mixer utility for X11/MotifVersion 1.2
xmxxmx - an X protocol multiplexor2.1beta.pl0
xpaintxpaint - simple paint programVersion 2.5.6
xpdfXpdf - An X11 viewer for Adobe(tm) PDF files0.92
xpmxpm - X11 pixmap libraryVersion 3.4k
xpoolXpool - X PoolVersion 1.3
xquoteXquote - Stock quote retrievalVersion 1.1
xrolodexxrolodex - X11 rolodex programVersion Unknown
xsanexsane - scanner frontend for SANE0.50
xtxt - communications program using telnetVersion 1.2
xvXV - interactive image display for the X Window SystemVersion 3.10a
xwaveXWave X11 audio player, recorder, editorVersion 0.6
xwpexwpe - programming environment and editorVersion 1.5.20a
xxlXxl - Graphical Spreadsheet with LaTeX and html output2.1.2
yabasicYabasic - Yet Another Basic2.60
ymsgymsg - script to pull Yahoo message board messages1.05
yodlYODL pre-document language and toolsVersion 1.22
zirconzircon - Tcl/Tk IRC clientVersion 1.18.44
zshThe Z shell, a UNIX command interpreterVersion 3.1.5pws15