Release Notes

Release Notes

JavaTM PlugIn v1.2.2
for UnixWare® 7




Please read the license.txt file for the license terms of this SCO® product.


These are the release notes for JavaTM PlugIn v1.2.2 for SCO UnixWare® 7 Operating Systems, hereafter referred to as "Java PlugIn 1.2.2 for SCO".

System Requirements and Supported Platforms

UnixWare 7.1.0 and up. A Netscape browser of Version 4 and up is also required.
Supported SCO platforms:
  • UnixWare® 7 Release 7.1.1 operating system
    • requires ptf7410c or higher [*] for libthread supplement
  • UnixWare® 7 Release 7.1 operating system
    • requires ptf7401f or higher for In-Kernel Sockets supplement
    • requires ptf7410c or higher for libthread supplement
    • requires ptf7414a or higher for libc supplement

Required packages on all platforms:

  • package freefonts from SCO Open License Software Supplement

Required browsers on all platforms:

  • Netscape Communicator v4.0.5 or higher.
RAM: 64 MB
Disk Space: Minimum 30 MB

[*] ptfs are Support Level Supplements (SLS), that are provided to SCO customers to fix problems reported in our products. These are available for free download via anonymous ftp from


The package is plugin122, and you can download it from SCO® web download site:


A web page indicating where to download this PlugIn software should be set up, and the PlugIn-enabled web pages should contain a link to this download web page, as shown in the JavaTM PlugIn v1.2.2 documentation. If the PlugIn software has not been installed, when a PlugIn-enabled web page is clicked, the user will be directed to this download page.

The installation will install the Java PlugIn software in the .netscape subdirectory of your home directory. The installation will check if your home directory has such a subdirectory. If you have run Netscape browsers before, you should already have this subdirectory.

To install, you don't need to become root. Just type:

$ pkgadd -d `pwd` plugin122

On all platforms, the freefonts package must be installed. This package is available from the free SCO Open License Software Supplement (also known as SCO SkunkwareTM). The Supplement is distributed as a CD-ROM in the media kit for SCO operating systems, and the package is also available for free download from (look in the Graphics/Viewers section).


Full documentation of JavaTM PlugIn v1.2.2 is available from Sun® web site:


A simple demo ArcTest is provided. For more demos, please visit Sun's JavaTM PlugIn v1.2.2 demo web page:



Last Updated: 11/28/2000

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