Xinuos Professional Services

Deployment Design

Let Xinuos Engineers Help You Develop an Effective Strategy to Deploy Your Solution Across Your Enterprise

Xinuos Professional Services has over 20 years of experience in planning and implementing deployment strategies for companies with 1 to 10,000 systems around the world. No one in the industry can match Xinuos's expertise in deployment of UNIX systems. Xinuos has inside knowledge of "the tricks of the trade" that can ensure the success of your deployment.

Xinuos's Professional Services Team of experts work closely with your MIS department to plan and implement a custom tailored deployment strategy that can save your organization time and money. Leaders of very large retail, government, finance and franchise business have for years employed Xinuos Professional Services to assist them in developing their deployment strategies. Saving thousands of hours installing systems while providing an error-free starting point for each new site. Xinuos's long-term relationship with large and small businesses around the world provides us with the background necessary to help you plan your deployment strategy for the future.


  • A team of UNIX system deployment professionals provide expert assistance in preparing for your deployment
  • Hardware, operating systems, applications, drivers and utilities are fully integrated in the deployment design
  • Backed by Xinuos's global engineering and support infrastructure, including 100 engineers who write and support UNIX operating systems.
  • 2 levels available for enterprises of all sizes (as follows):


Deployment SiteDesign

Deployment CustomDesign

Hardware configurations (model numbers or custom-builds)


more than 5

Versions of Xinuos operating systems deployed

one OS family or up to 2 versions
each from 2 families

more than 2 OS families

Sites visited by an Xinuos consultant


more than 1

3rd party applications deployed


more than 4

*Xinuos OS families are: SCO UNIX System V Release 3.2 v. 4.2/SCO Open Desktop Release 3.0, SCO OpenServer Release 5, UnixWare 2.x, UnixWare 7


  • Direct access to Xinuos experts
  • Speedy project completion and fast deployment
  • Cost-effective reduction of risk
  • Xinuos consultant joins your team
  • The confidence that comes from leveraging Xinuos's expert knowledge and resources, based on 20 years of experience with UNIX® Systems.

Xinuos Deployment Services

  • Customized solutions to meet specific customer needs
  • Focus on minimizing the technical expertise needed in the field to keep the deployment cost effective
  • Emphasis on understanding of risks and planning to mitigate those risks in a corporate environment
  • Deliverables:
  • On-site technical study and design
  • Work with the customer's hardware and software vendors to analyze risks and schedules for technology changes required for deployment
  • Study of deployment technology options
  • Evaluation of existing migration tools
  • Technical assessment and risk analysis
  • Report on deployment strategy options
  • Provide data relating to the operating system for customer decision making
  • Suggest steps customer can take to mitigate risks.

Xinuos Expertise

Xinuos is a global leader in business system software for network computing. Xinuos Professional Services provide unsurpassed technical expertise ensuring that you always get the right answers to your questions and the right solutions for your needs.

Open Systems Philosophy

Xinuos is dedicated to the open systems philosophy. We strongly recommend solutions that permit future growth, technical innovation, compatibility with systems from multiple vendors. We do not sell proprietary systems or any hardware. Our only interest is in providing you with the most cost-effective solution possible.